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SpaceClaim– 3D solid modelling software

“Allows a focus on designing – not CAD”

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SpaceClaim is the world’s fastest and most innovative 3D solid modeller. It gives engineers and industrial designers the freedom and flexibility to capture ideas easily, in 3D, for prototyping, and manufacturing. Although it has full commercial CAD capability and is used by such companies as Rolls Royce, Lotus, Siemens and General Electric - its ease of use makes this software ideal for use in schools.

A DVD storage unit by a pupil at Berwick High School, created using SpaceClaim A soft toy vending machine by a pupil at Berwick High School, created using SpaceClaim A grain vacuum head by a pupil at Berwick High School, created using SpaceClaim A table tennis ball launcher by a pupil at Berwick High School, created using SpaceClaim
The next-generation of CAD/modelling technology
Pull, Move, Fill, and Combine tools enable hands-on 3D design
Quickly create and iterate design concepts
Create solid models without the complexity of traditional feature- based CAD  
Ideal for product design/engineering courses
SpaceClaim® works with KeyShottm to produce photo-realistic images
Modern code base, utilising Windows Ribbon-bar interface, and common productivity features (cut, paste, undo, etc)
Works with popular common formats ACIS, STEP, IGES, ECAD, Rhinoceros, CGR, DWG, DXF, STL, OBJ, XAML, VRML, and 3D PDF
Large resource of training videos and support files are available. No need to attend training courses.

The creators of some of the original parametric based software (namely Pro/D, Pro-E and SolidWorks) have formed SpaceClaim as a new US company with a focus on developing highly intuitive 3D software. This software is based on only 4 commands ‘Pull’, ‘Move’, ‘Fill’ and ‘Combine’. You do not need the learning ‘overhead’ of traditional feature based modellers.

The creation of working drawings is a couple of clicks away from the solid model and the finished design can be rendered and jpegs produced easily. Please note SpaceClaim does not have an integral renderer. However, it is fully compatible with KeyShot, available to purchase seperately.

The only difference between this student edition and the commercial version of SpaceClaim is a discreet watermark when images are printed.

SpaceClaim for Education - Only available from DT Software Ltd

SpaceClaim Microsoft Interface Familiar Interface

SpaceClaim perfectly integrates itself with the Microsoft Office 2007 visual format - no need to learn a new and complicated interface!

robots Easy to use

Although SpaceClaim is a professional-level software, it can be used by students of all ages. These cleaning and hairdressing robots were created by Mark and Freya, aged 6.

   Minimum System Requirements
CPU Pentium® 4 2.0 GHZ or Athlon® 2000+ or faster, 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Memory Minimum: 512MB RAM (32-bit), 1Gb RAM (64-bit)
Graphics Requires Full DirectX® 9c, Shader Model 3.0 hardware support, 256 MB of graphics memory or higher, 32 bits per pixel, 1024x768 minimum resolution.
Please ensure that you have the latest graphics driver for your card and that Direct3D Acceleration is enabled.
Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows XP with Service Pack 3 1
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ 
Microsoft® Windows 7
Microsoft® Windows 8
SpaceClaim is not supported on virtual platforms
Video Requirements Diagnostic Tool - This downloadable tool will automatically check that your video hardware and configuration meets SpaceClaim requirements

Reviews - what teachers think

“My students love using this software and soon the Engineering Diploma students will be using it to design and prototype aerospace components SpaceClaim has many advanced engineering features to it including sheet-metal design and ‘traditional’ engineering drawings can be produced in a couple of clicks.

The principles of using SpaceClaim are the same as with most 3D solid modeling software – draw a 2D shape and extrude it but with this software the term ‘pull’ is used rather than ‘extrude’ – rather like Google SketchUP’ - and the selection of surfaces and edges is much easier than in other software. Other benefits are; unlimited undo feature, easy dimensioning, sectioning, workplane manipulation, editable lofting, import from 2D Design, exportable in variety of formats including JPEG, DXF, STL; but most of all … ease of use.”

David Chapman, St Peters Collegiate, Wolverhampton

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Videos and Tutorials

For more information about SpaceClaim visit www.spaceclaim.com
For video tutorials for use in schools visit our Youtube Channel

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